The Walter is our proposal for the ultimate floating home. A dream creation combining comfort and serenity. A mini house that lets itself be carried by the waves, offering its owners all the advantages of marine life without having to compromise on living space. Able to accommodate up to 8 people, this new-genre boat includes a full kitchen and bathroom, in addition to many other amenities. The Walter will take your experience on the water to a whole new level.









Square feet




379 000$ +tx*



  • Overall dimensions: 45’x12′
  • Self-supporting aluminum structure
  • Fiberglass insulating foam panels (insulated 4 seasons)
  • R12 wall / R20 ceiling / R20 floor
  • Glossy white exterior walls
  • 7′ 7″ ceiling
  • 4 full height thermos windows / aluminum frame
  • 2 awning windows 24”x 36
  • Double front patio door
  • Triple rear patio door
  • White gloss ceiling
  • Skylight
  • Corian molding and framing
  • Vinyl floor
  • 30 gallon grey water tank
  • 30 gallon black water tank
  • 30 gallon clear water tank
  • Drinking water tank 18 liters
  • Water heater 6 gallons

Electrical system and autonomy

  • Complete 400 AMP electrical system (option 800 AMP)
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • 310 W solar panels (1240 V in option)
  • Security light
  • 2 Maxx fan
  • Air conditioning 11 000 BTU
  • Carbon monoxide smoke detector
  • 2 Webasto (4 seasons)
  • 6000 W Inverter


Full kitchen

  • 12V refrigerator / including small freezer
  • 1800 W double induction cooker
  • Single sink and faucet
  • Dishwasher
  • Mini oven
  • Range hood
  • Countertop and backsplash

Private room with queen bed

  • Bed base
  • Built-in furniture
  • Closet storage
  • Washer and dryer
  • Double bunk bed


  • Thermostatic shower
  • 36″x72″ toilet
  • Bathroom accessories / pole, support and curtains

Modular living space

  • Bench bed / extra bed (double size)
  • Solid wood table for 4 persons
  • Small table
  • Storage boxes / entrance, bedroom and kitchen
  • Cedar ceiling
  • Additional storage box
  • Canvas / Honeycomb blinds
  • Television / wall mount


  • Stairs
  • Barbecue
  • Composite siding


  • Rooftop terrace
  • Ground level deck


  • Float
  • Navigation cabin
  • Dual engine control (manual)
  • Cameras
  • Water safety equipment and basic navigation light
  • Windlass
  • Electric anchor



  • Optimus Navigation System
  • Pergolas with electric shutter
  • Motorization from 140 to 300HP
  • GPS system

* Retail price : 379 000$ + txs – financing available




The price list is subject to change without notice. Price variations can be explained by the fact that our mini-homes are customizable. The type of configuration, the layout of the interior modules and the choice of materials are only a few factors that affect the price of the mini-home.

Please note that the land, the foundation (platform or dock) as well as the on-site work are not included in the price ranges. An appointment with one of our salesmen is the best way to get a fair estimate, depending on your project!


Sales to individuals

The sale of mini-homes to individuals does not include the installation. The private individual must be able to take charge of his mini house and to set it up himself.

A delivery service is available for an additional fee.

A guide of instructions and procedures will be provided to the purchaser, but Bauhaus Habitat will not be responsible for this stage of the purchase.

A Bauhaus Habitat expert will be available to answer the buyer’s questions prior to delivery of the Mini-House. Please note, however, that our team does not travel to assist the buyer with the layout.

Commercial sales

Important to know:

The purchase of a minimum of 3 mini-homes is required for Bauhaus Habitat to initiate the manufacturing and development process for a company wishing to purchase them.

Bauhaus Habitat will implement the first mini-home and will also provide the necessary instructions and procedures for the company to proceed with the implementation of additional mini-homes.

In order for Bauhaus Habitat to proceed with the first implementation, the company is responsible for recruiting its own implementation team, including an electrician, a plumber and a carpenter. Bauhaus Habitat will ensure that the necessary information is provided so that the team is able to operate properly.

*A guide of the elements required for the implementation (professional recruitment, machinery and materials) will be provided to the company at the signing of the purchase contract in order for them to solicit experts and obtain the necessary tools. A list of Bauhaus Habitat’s partner suppliers will also be made available to buyers.


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